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The First Husband [Review]

210 Pages [ebook]
Published 12 May 2011
ISBN: 1101515139


Annie Adams is days away from her thirty-second birthday and thinks she has finally found some happiness. She visits the world's most interesting places for her syndicated travel column and she's happily cohabiting with her movie director boyfriend Nick in Los Angeles. But when Nick comes home from a meeting with his therapist (aka "futures counselor") and announces that he's taking a break from their relationship so he can pursue a woman from his past, the place Annie had come to call home is shattered. Reeling, Annie stumbles into her neighborhood bar and finds Griffin-a grounded, charming chef who seems to be everything Annie didn't know she was looking for. Within three months, Griffin is Annie's husband and Annie finds herself trying to restart her life in rural Massachusetts.

A wry observer of modern love, Laura Dave "steers clear of easy answers to explore the romantic choices we make" (USA Today). Her third novel is packed with humor, empathy, and psychological insight about the power of love and home.

My Thoughts:
I just want to start out by saying...this needs to be made into a movie. I am NOT a chick flick kind of girl and I'm really not a big chick lit girl either, but I loved this book. It was funny and romantic. It was sweet and cute. It was real and gripping. Dave has an excellent, fluid writing style that makes it very easy to be engrossed in not only the story, but the characters, as if they were people you really knew. Annie is a 32 year old travel columnist, who has been dating Nick for 5 years. One day, Nick comes home and says his "therapist" told him he needed a break to figure things out. After the separation, Annie falls into that typical chick flick depression. Her ex's sister gets her to get out of her funk and that's when Annie meets Griffin.

I don't want to give away too much, but I will say that I really liked Annie. I really loved the ending too. It was the one I was rooting for and again, why I say that it should be a movie! Now!

Thank you to NetGalley & Penguin Group USA for the chance to review this book.

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Lacey said...

I've heard this book was good, but I haven't read it yet. Sounds like I should soon! Thanks for sharing!

Victoria said...

i keep hearing this a great book,i just have to remember to add it to my list :)

happy weekend!

jennie said...

Wow, for someone who doesn't dig chick-lit, you sure gave it a great review. I LOVE chick-lit, so onto my list, it goes! :)